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Saint 2.0

Thursday, August 21, 2008
soft and sweet | 10:05 AM

19 August 2008
I was just passing by the Home Economics Kitchen when I saw 2N3 having a bakery lesson. I did what my palatal instint told me - walk in and take pictures (and hopefully get some free samples! haha!).

I never had Home Economics lessons when I was a teenager. Thus baking is totally Greek to me. Now that I am going to move to a new place with a full kitchen setup, I could perhaps learn a trick or two from...KIDS??!!! Haha.

This looks easy.

Not to mention, fun too, especially when you play with food with good friends.

A boy with an apron kneeling before an oven - now that's a sight you won't get to see often.

I hope he has washed his hands.

He's licking his lips while putting the dough into the mould tray, and perhaps adding extra flavouring and texture along the way?

I'm watching the dough through the glass opening of the oven. This takes too long. Who am I kidding? Do I really have the patience to bake?

The teacher-in-charge, Madam Teo, signals me over to...of course, taste some muffins! YUMMY!

This is how we break the muffin.

These are all MINE!

After one delicious bite, I just had to take a picture of its succulent contents.

"Sir! Take our picture!"

"Mine too!"

Yes, most boys and guys hate this segment.

He was simply sitting on the floor and waiting infront of the oven for his muffins to be ready!

Why are some bits outside the wrapper?

The chef beaming with pride, despite the misfire with the dough.

Surveying boys at work in the kitchen.

Their proud creation.

His long wait infront of the oven turned out totally fruitful.

"Hmm, which one should I eat first?"

I believe there were more than 2 muffins on the plate...

Well, passers-by, like myself, have `stunned' them while the owners were unaware.

I think I have had too many muffins for a day.

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