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Give Me One Reason
Tracy Chapman & Eric Clapton

Saint 2.0

Thursday, January 31, 2008
dubai | 10:46 PM

One of the cool and wacky frames above the urinals at the new Bangkok airport. Click on it to check out the humour in the details.

That's David and me on our All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) across the slightly damp dunes. See the tip of the dune on the right hand corner of the picture? No, I did not make it up there. :)

Uncle Danny giving David a hand after the latter's wheels got stuck in tricky sand. Awwww....

Ski Dubai at the Mall Of The Emirates.

Up close and personal with a camel exhibit at a must-visit museum featuring the history of Dubai.

Dune surfing in a 4-wheel drive. I sat right in front and endured numerous nerve-wrecking but adrenalin pumping thrills throughout the journey! Highly recommended!

An artistic shot of the belly dancer at the Bedouin camp. More pictures on the sandunes 4WD later perhaps.

I've put up more pictures on my Facebook account and here's the link!! I'm still working on the comments and putting up more pictures. Be patient yeah?

africa | 1:37 AM


I just got back from the airport! I thought I'd put up the song "Africa" to remember the great days spent in Kenya and Mombasa. More updates and pictures later or if i happen to relief your class!

Music video for "Africa" by Toto from the very successful album "TOTO IV". This song reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in February 1983, and is one of the most immediately recognizable songs from the 1980s and one of the most popular songs by Toto.
(C)Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Inc


Monday, January 21, 2008
ALIVE! | 9:33 PM

Finally got hold of an internet connection.

How's everyone in humid Singapore and SAS!?!! Thanks to those of you who've been dropping by with comments and all.

I'm alive still in riot-torn Kenya. We've been very blessed to evade all the hot spots - even driving through a town and seeing the locals wielding sticks, an ambulance and riot police in Narok - thanks to a friend here. Despite it all, Africa and her people are truly beautiful!

The picture above is a cheetah and her cubs we finally caught sight of at this safari we went on. We saw other amazing pictures too! I took tons!

I'm now chilling at this solid resort at a coastal town of Mombasa. Word has it that there'll be riots staged on Thursday - the day the S4/5s get their O level results! BEST WISHES to you all and me too!

I might extend my trip til early Feb. I might. Haha.

Monday, January 14, 2008
duabi day2 | 1:58 AM

My friends and I at the Desert Safari camp. It started out with a crazy 4WDrive up and down the dunes which made me feel a little nauseated, and the rains came which sort of dampened the festivity mood. However, when the belly dancer came on the scene to round off the night's celebrations, she lifted many low spirits. Ask me in person why that was so. :)

David and me. He's happy because there is no school tomorrow due to an unannounced visit by George Bush resulting in a declaration of a last minute public holiday which affected our flight out of Dubai tomorrow (a nightmare!).

Sunday, January 13, 2008
dubai | 3:55 PM

Hey ya!

I'd wanted to put up some photos here of my first day in Dubai but I am unable to transfer the photos to the laptop I am using.

All is so good here. I had been on the ATV riding on the dunes and checked out the old charms of Dubai and the numerous ultra-modern malls. Things are a little pricey here but the trip is so worthwhile because I have learnt so much from my hosts and travelling mates!

Gota run to some Ski Dubai place which features a sky resort in Duabi - a former dessert and have a wild time at the dunes later!

When I get the chance to log on again. Bye!

Friday, January 11, 2008
good life | 12:05 PM

Kanye West

It's a good life! And I'll be off to my long trip in a few hours' time. So this tune (I'm not so sure about the video though) is quite apt.

Farewell! You are welcome!


the hand | 11:25 AM

What's with the hand in mat and why is he bringing it to school to begin with?

2N2B | 10:33 AM

Okay, we're heading out of school so please line up and follow me in an orderly maner.


verdict | 7:28 AM

Samsung YP-T10

What I like about it...

* slim size

* adequate display screen size

* bluetooth function

* FM radio functions

* vibrant and fun animated themes

* easy nagivation menu

Room for improvement...

* BIGGER capacity other than 2GB!

* a dark coloured tactile (with nice design) backgrip

* FM radio should be supported by bluetooth headset

* a larger display screen with greater touch-menu capabilities

* other animation choices (besides funny Sam) and download choices

the wireless headset

I like...

* BLUETOOTH (attracting much envious stares!)

* above average sound quality

* can sync with selected bluetooth appliances


* sync with ALL bluetooth tools!

* better ambient cancellation

* bigger ear pieces

tangled | 7:08 AM

Having realised I had lent my Creative earphones to a friend, I started searching for a pair to bring along for my trip and I found this tangled mess! I did not want to bring Mr. sexy wireless Samsung for fear of losing it on the multiple locations of my trip. Well, I did put the mess of wires with the Mr. S side by side and hey, I'm thankful for bluetooth technology and the folks at Samsung!

Life should be less complicated...GO WIRELESS! Start saving for one wireless set!

Thursday, January 10, 2008
wishes | 8:07 PM

Several of you have sent wishes for my upcoming trip. Others have made strange requests like wanting an elephant, deer or some exotic item from the Middle East or Africa. Well, the big 5 have already been booked and I will most likely have to cart home a zoo at the end of the month! :)

But seriously, thanks for the many concerns regarding my risky venture ahead. I earnestly look forward to days ahead brimming with promises and perils (P&Ps)! Well, I am not called a free spirit without a reason right?

To those classes whom I've shared some details of my trip, remember which story to tell when that happens...

To 1C - Thanks for the flood! It may not be Halo-blasting fun but your comments have certainly liven up that entry so much so that it is bursting at the seams! You do remind me of 1C, 2004 when I first took rein of the s1s as team leader then. Those were glorious days indeed! I now see a spark in you guys from that fateful day on. Haha. See you around when I'm back!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008
portrait of the weather | 8:44 PM

Firdaus & Nizam

Former leaders, Rico & Daryl

It has to rain just at dismissal time.

Paul, Attitcus, Isaac, Leon


over lunch | 11:04 AM


proper education | 6:06 AM

Eric Prydz vs Floyd

School - hate it, love it.

It's only when you start work as an adult that you look back on school days with fond memories - especially the crazy fun with friends and some teachers.

Nevertheless, life at each stage does bring its share of new education and learning experiences.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008
2A | 1:15 PM

The ever boisterous and fun-loving 2A boys...

Surfing for ideas on motorised cars.

"I like my fringe - can you send me the picture?"

"The floor is just too dirty!"

He's here! QUICK! DUCK!

work | 12:57 PM

...within the lab

outside the lab!


1C | 10:50 AM

It's Wenceslaus' big day with Ms. Keys (not the famous celebrity though).

Half the class was present to witness the very significant ceremony.

Ryan is thinking to himself, "I should have made my move earlier and Ms Keys would have been mine!!! Sigh."

Monday, January 7, 2008
spotted | 7:08 PM

Here's some stuff that intrigued me as I was walking around the classes while the pupils did their work.

The word "GAS" is my nickname on MIRC chatrooms a long time ago. Can you figure out the reasons why I chose that nick?

I swear this looked like a bag of blood like that you see in hospitals. Apparently, according to the owner, he had gotten it as a souvenior after donating blood - the things they do to get the life out of you!

Sunday, January 6, 2008
you get what you give | 3:43 PM

New Radicals

I came across this rioting fun video as I was going through some recordings I had done previously. The mayhem in the mall brings to mind the mindless rioting going on in Kenya. Apart from that, the appealing tune and lyrics remind me of certain free-spirit individuals and how they refuse to let the routines of life weigh them down.

We got the dreamer's disease
You got the music in you


slinky | 1:50 PM

more mess...

After watching the earlier installments, the theme in the videos at this stage has been lost in the drudgery of lame ideas. I am one for wacky novel fun but this oiling of one's earphones and then tossing it around in a slinky - well, NEXT.

To respond to Nich's comments, I believe that the earphones were truly tangled up at the start. I am sure at the scene when the slinky disappears out of the screen to the right, a swap must have been carried out.

Why am I even bothered with figuring out such a lame act? Hmmm...


purify | 12:18 AM

A student gave me this link to a hilarious but rather disturbing cartoon about coporal punishment. Depending on how you view it, I should still warn you that some of you may be offended by its startling contents. Here it is.

Saturday, January 5, 2008
n81/ n95 (8gb)/ LGviewty or HTCtouch?? | 12:33 PM

I saw the numerous Telco advertisements on today's papers. How they call out to me! Hahaha.

I am considering getting a new handphone on a new line.

I need suggestions on which phone I should go for. Basically I'm attracted to the abovementioned models because of their :
- latest features
- WI-FI capability (so I can surf while overseas without having to lug ard my laptop!)
- huge storage space for music and pictures

I need feedback so play the devil's advocate! Click comments NOW!

On numerous second thoughts over coffee at Spinelli earlier, I might even consider the new LG Viewty! HELP!

I've Been Losing You | 12:25 PM


I was driving home yesterday evening and this song was playing over my pimped-up speakers. The 80s stuff rock! Incidentally, I remembered reading about the lead singer, Morten (I think), having left the band for a period of time to become a priest! They got back together a few years back and like many former 80s bands, they are trying to compete for that slice of the music charts but alas - only a few can outwit, outstrip to out-perform the flashy approaches of the new acts of today.


Friday, January 4, 2008
the raid | 2:08 PM

YAWN! It's morning assembly at the courtyard again. I did not sleep well this morning and thankfully, the short run at the gym helped wake some bits of me up.

After a delievery task to C501, the Syndicate decided to do what they do best - see for yourself to decide the nature of their actions. Apparently, according to the 3 musketeers, their friendly gesture to their former teacher has been enacted before many times in their classes in the past. To other not so friendly ones, the antics were a lot more creative.

Although my name has appeared on the board, you can see that I have no part in their artwork.

WARNING - do not try this with your class teachers.

Our intelligent sources mentioned that the owner of the homeroom was startled upon discovering the encrypted message on the board and even concluded that vandals had plundered the place.


Thursday, January 3, 2008
hey there khalilah | 9:10 PM




7am!!! | 7:28 PM

I woke up at 7am and went WOAHHH! I must have been really tired yesterday to have slept past my usual 6am.

4N3 engrossed in "Brat Camp" - my latest flick for my charges. I knew you guys will love this documentary!

My lenses are as good as new (almost!) so I started firing off shots to relearn the functions again. Nice chairs.

Yes, they should ban chewing gum-posers! Or perhaps we should make users chew them to test their authenticity. Hmm...inspirations from "Brat Camp". Are your hungry already for the show? Pray that I drop by your class then. Even teachers are asking for a copy of the programme.

2B in riot after a finishing their diagnostic test set by - IT WASN'T ME. :) I am not so evil.

Hey, the umbrella twins again (see 2007 post) from 2A playing some game at the upper court.

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