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Give Me One Reason
Tracy Chapman & Eric Clapton

Saint 2.0

Friday, June 29, 2007
| 8:58 PM

Chin Wee, Paul & Me.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007
on a tripod | 7:54 PM

The aftermath of that perfect headshot!

N(oodles)73 | 7:49 PM

They took my N73 and caught me off guard!

wacky 1c | 7:43 PM

Spin the pen!

You are so vain! :)


chess | 7:39 PM

2N2A chess game.

N73 | 9:00 AM

My new toy against Daniel's.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007
keith | 7:35 PM

Keith (SAJS) and his pebble display.

Monday, June 25, 2007
305 | 8:04 PM


Saturday, June 23, 2007
more orbs | 1:28 AM

The aliens have arrived!


fine | 12:48 AM


Wednesday, June 20, 2007
bored saints | 3:24 PM

A request to add me on Frenster found me these...no comments.


Friday, June 15, 2007
bright lights, big city | 10:48 PM

On my walk home along Little India from The Cathay after a movie...

Green senior and green junior with red hot mama - a heavy 26-tonn combination.

Sparklers over current hotel site where former Hotel New World had collapsed many years back.

Regulars of this blog would've seen this before. I cannot recall where I'd taken this with my handphone but I sure love the saintly aura glow.

meant to live | 8:18 PM



Wednesday, June 13, 2007
your mother | 10:10 PM

I came across these signs in a restroom somewhere on this isle. I just love clever signs which blend humour with downright blatant in-your-face public announcements.

This reminds me of a joke shared by a friend, whom most of you know actually if you had been around since 2003. When he was a student in SAS eons years ago, a teacher, while reprimanding him, said this, "What do you think this is, your grandfather's classroom?!!"
His reply was a confident "Yes" as he pointed to the plaque-sign hanging outside the classroom which bears his grandfather's name.

To folks who commit the above, they should be punished with CWO Jamban Washing Duties at Cineleisure or Plaza Sing where the crowd will gather and cheer them on.

Need I say more?

Sunday, June 10, 2007
EA Games | 11:33 PM

Hey! Gaming fanatics out there!

EA Games is having a mega offer in the shops. I just got myself like 5 titles, and asked another shopper to combine purchase to take advantage of the offer!

Basically, you buy 3 titles for the price of 2 (higher priced ones). So get all your friends together and bundle more titles and spread the cost like I did with some people! Game Titles on offer are limited but C&C Tiberian Wars and Battlefield 2142 are part of the catch! So hurry down to Sim Lim, Planet Games, where I got my goodies!

Sizzling Teachers ad on ST | 10:56 AM

Have you read it?
(Click on the picture below to see the red insert (top left) advertisement.)

The "Sizzling Teachers" advertisement calls for pictures of "hot babe" and "hunk" on today's Stomp page, Sunday Times. You stand a chance to win $1,000 cash prize for your school too.
Sounds like an attractive booty for a worthy cause? WRONG!

A few teacher friends and I are outraged by this contest.

I speak as one contemporary teacher who regularly employs media in my classes, not that of an archaic lecture-non-stop-til-the-bell-goes archetype. I appreciate the push for teachers to embrace technology to reach out to today's youths and the much needed makeovers by MOE to make teaching (and therefore teachers) more appealing. I believe teachers should look good - funky and cool.

So we know that some students have taken the IT (Information Technology) initiative a step further by secretly snapping pictures/videos of teachers and circulating them among peers or even posting them on sacred or desecrated websites for personal gain and gratification. Some of whom, we may know personally, have faced consequences beyond their worst nightmares.

Think about it : the advertisement protrays teachers as sex objects. Would you like your beautiful/handsome brother/sister/father/mother/relative to be treated in the same manner? Sure! It's flattering. But it is extremely hurting to him/her to be seen as a sex object. Your teacher is someone else's brother/sister/father/mother/relative too. Remember that. Immature actions brings temporary fun but long term misery. Be sensible.

Whether you do it because you know it is wrong or that you cannot be bothered by such matters, please DO NOT join the contest. You challenge each other in you LAN-games and other gut-wrenching feats. So here's the challenge : do you have the true courage to BOYCOTT it? Write in and say NO to this insulting portrayal of teachers.
I've done it. Have you?

Stomp's Sizzling Teachers Ad
From: Ho Stanley (stanleyah@hotmail.com)
Sent:Sunday, June 10, 2007 10:54:30 AM
To: stforum@sph.com.sg

Dear Editor

Firstly, congratulations on STOMP's 1st successful year! Kudos to the interesting interactivity which characterises a very appealing website.

I refer to the "Sizzling Teachers" Ad put up by STOMP on today's Sunday Times. I truly appreciate the organisers' efforts to reach out to the young and make the teaching industry more appealing.

However, I am disturbed by the call for pictures of that "hot babe" and "hunk" teachers from students and shudder at the consequences that follow. Being an ex-teacher, I have heard stories of and personally dealt with misguided students who misuse their digital devices within the school grounds - the consequences of which have brought much grief to the teens and their families, and also to members of the teaching fraternity.

Personally, I believe strongly in connecting today's young people with elements of contemporary culture in teaching. While parents and teachers try to equip our young with discretion and sound values to navigate through our sensual-saturated-media world, I fear that Stomp's "Sizzling Teachers" will do more disservice to our youths and teachers than enhance favour.

The advertisement rides on the media's portrayal of men and women as sex objects with words like "hot babe" and "hunk". I do acknowledge that sex sells a million products. Should we then portray teachers in the same light too? I wonder if we were to extend this to another field in the civil service, say, our SCDF, SAF, Home Team or perhaps, members of the parliament, how would the public respond? I am not suggesting therefore that it is appropriate to employ the same approach on those industries not within the civil service. In light of the scrutiny of high profile leaders (and sadly sometimes, their fall from grace) around the world in the media lately, let us be kind not to impose this misguided appeal on our already highly stressed-out teachers.

Enough said, I hope the organisers will reconsider the social implications of this contest and redress the contest criteria.


Ho Yin Heng Stanley

Tuesday, June 5, 2007
halo2 | 12:30 PM

The Challenge

Round 2 : 5 June 2007
Mark, Zachary, Calvin, JunJie, Stanley

Round 1 : 28 May 2007
Mark, Zachary, Calvin, Ming Shen, Tai Rong,

...a preview of The Project. =P


Sunday, June 3, 2007
neo | 3:42 AM

Having heard all the internet buzz surrounding Kevin Neo's transfer to and play for RJC, I just have to read them for myself. So I dropped by Red Sports (which is truly one great site) earlier and revisited the chap's personal blog for a scoop on the controversy.

On a positive note, regarding those who slam him for "disloyalty", it is encouraging to know that they stem from a school spirit that has caught on with the present generation. However, I think it is rather unsportsman-like to boo at him during recent games and cricitise him behind the cloak of anonymity; not to mention, it is also extremely cowardly.

In my opinion, whether one chooses to stay on with an organisation is really that person's perogative. Many factors are at play here - be they push or pull. Unless you know Kevin personally and the circumstances surrounding his departure, we should really not judge him for his actions.

Perhaps if I may compare this with the tacky issue of migration that is at the very heart of the Singapore Dream. While I have considered this many times myself, I do applaud the government's recent efforts to improve the state to prevent the situation from deteriorating and reach out to those who have left and are perhaps considering a return. My point being? Kevin, like those Singaporeans, may have left to pursue his dream and I'm sure, after having seriously considered the many factors at play. As I know him personally, I am aware that the departure was an excruciating one. In fact, I applaud him for remaining silent admist the storm of criticism - that takes great internal strength and discipline. And mind you, he's not the first Saint who had left and I am sure this predicatment is not confined to our shores.

What I find disturbing is that when criticisms come from within family are aired in public forums and blogs, this will just direct the public (who may be less informed) to focus more on the push rather than the pull factors. So perhaps, like our efficacious government, we should do a little soul searching and beef up internal security to minimise such losses instead of whining over the matter like a broken record.

To conclude, let us consider the much publicised slogan, Once A Saint, Always A Saint. While we prefer Saints to remain within the fraternity in person, the true test of one's loyalty is really within one's heart. For those of us who have loved ones living far away or are already deceased, we continue to remember them fondly in our hearts. Distance therefore should not be the issue; the heart of the matter, really, is one's heart.

Yes, that is really a picture of a heart. Whether it looks plain or ugly, that reflects your perspective. Remember, you have one in you.


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