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Saint 2.0

Friday, June 20, 2008
Dubai (Part 3) | 11:57 AM

Continuing from Part 2...

David insisted that we check out the upper level of the restaurant which was the former living quarters of the former colonial ruler. The journey up the spiral flight of stairs can be rather perilous. The ceiling is so low that I bumped my head twice on my way up and then down again.

In the former living room, there's this glass-chess set which David immediately sat down to challenge me while the rest waited downstairs. I was smart and considerate enough to play only two moves.

Passing along the numerous alleys at the souks.

Siesta time on the multi-purpose push-carts. I've seen these used by the Chinese Muslim community in Guangzhou, China, last November and in Tibet a few years back. I gather that trade along the Silk Road many years ago could explain the use of these similar carts in two countries which are so far apart.

The unpainted marble (?) concrete walls of this mosque give an air of elegance and raw simplicity. They also help keep the interior cool in this unforgiving weather.

The appearance of a water puddle formed after a sudden shower does challenge your preconception about deserts being completely arid.

The Dubai Museum. One of the former armed doors to keep out marauders.

Posers trying to decipher the arabic contents of a letter of a museum exhibit.

It's not the big guns I'm after. Click on the picture to see a larger version which shows you the women under their all encompassing attire which exudes an air of mysticism and intrigue. After seeing numerous in their cultural garb, the stereotype is completely debunked and demystified.

The camel exhibit that looked so incredibly real - right down to the whiskers!

Crossing Dubai Creek again to get back to the car. This river ride near sunset is really calming. I guess the gliding gulls and their calls echoing down the strait added to the soothing of the day's nerves.

Next : Dubai Day 2!


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