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Saint 2.0

Thursday, June 19, 2008
Dubai (Part 2) - updated | 8:45 AM

Previous stop - riding the sane dunes on ATVs.

The guys with the gung-ho Janice.

The rental place for ATV rides on the dunes.

Side attractions in at the "circus" tent.

And of course, in the desert, you must have - camels!

Our stay at Dubai was only for 2 nights and 3 days. Being typical Singaporeans, and thankfully, having wonderful hosts like the Lims, we maximised our time by rushing from one spot to another.

Our next stop was the older city area of Dubai.

After parking at one of the very narrow roads (and I understand, parking is extremely costly - more so than Singapore), we made our way to the docks. We took one of these boats across Dubai Creek to our lunch venue.

See the seagulls hovering over the boat? There are like gazillion flocks of them and it's quite a sight to see them drift with the air currents and scoop in and out like aerial experts to catch food pieces thrown to them by sea farers or passengers. It's also quite fun fool them with imaginary catch. Haha.

That's our lunch venue. The entire building (yes the whole beige thing) used to be the residential place of the former colonial boss/king/officer, what have you, then.

That's all of us while waiting for our dishes to arrive. From the left - Mona, David, their youngest, Vince, Caren, Danny, who works for an organisation which helps Singaporeans set up buisnesses in Dubai (big time!) and yours truly.

The mint tea to wet our appetite. Quite an intricate design for a pot I must say and it comes with a leather weaved pouch of sorts to cover the spout. The tea was VERY SWEET and strong with the delicious minty taste. I understand that that's the way the locals like it. I was acutally quite famished by then. I believe the time was like 3-4pm in the afternoon.

Our first authentic Middle Eastern meal!

I'll continue with more pictures later.


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