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Saint 2.0

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
where in the world is.... | 10:04 AM

Long Way Up
Driving up North Part 2
where in the world is Bidor???

What I enjoy best about driving up North is being able to stop wherever you like and whenever you like.  

Our first pit stop was the town of Bidor.  It's tucked between Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh.  
Our plan was to walk into a coffee shop and order any food that look sumptuous.

Well, I forgot to take picture of the yong tao foo dish.  Nonetheless, the place is pretty quiet and the only patrons are retirees sitting around reading the papers or chatting.  

Next, the provision shop right across the road was too tempting to resist.  

Apart from coming across some tidbits we used to have in our teens, I spotted this coffee mix that contains the Tongkat Ali root!  For the uninformed, it's the Viagra equivalent used by the Malays.

Strolling down a few shophouses, we came across a coffeeshop selling the supposedly famous chicken biscuits.  According to Joe, our KL friend, this venue is where the biscuits originate.   
I'm not a biscuits person but I rather like the fragrant and cripsy bites.

How many fruits and vegetables can you name in the picture?  Click on it to have a closer look. 

I call this the old and the new - the abascus and the felt-tip pen.

We should un-ban chewing gum in Singapore!

Again, something you don't see in Singapore due to our clinical efficiency.  The sight of creepers or plants growing in the sewers and pushing against the grate is quite appealing, don't you think?

Back to the Swift to explore another part of the town!

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