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Saint 2.0

Monday, December 29, 2008
KL2 | 11:43 AM

Drive Trip #2.1
26-28 Dec 2008

My friend invited me to join him on a drive trip up to Kuala Lumpur.  Like him, I could use the trip to momentarily escape the drugery of Singapore life.  So why not?

Yes, this was my second KL trip in less than 2 weeks.

We arrived at the capital near midnight.  Thereafter, we began our search for our accomodation.  One after another, we were told that the rooms were full because it was afterall, the weekend right after Christmas when most people would be on extended leave from work.   

After settling into a hotel, we headed to Jalan Bintang on foot.  We came across a group of buskers at a corner of a big traffic junction.

They attracted quite a crowd, a few times bigger than the above when we walked back the same way.

Poor chap.  His car broke down at the same junction where the buskers were.  Well, at least he gets some ready entertainment while waiting for the mechanic to arrive.

This is a rather futuristic looking public toilet with metallic and glass finishings.

How can anyone let their vehicle deteriote to such a state I wonder?  

This is THE local makan paradise at the heart of Bintan.  Unfortunately, my friend and I settled down at this seemingly packed outlet amongst many along the later part of the same stretch and if looks could be deceiving, this was the perfect illustration.  The ala carte dishes were not fantastic at all (thus you do not get any pictures of the okay-only meal).  

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