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Sunday, December 28, 2008
corrupt | 5:36 PM

They say Malaysian Polis (I have to spell it the way they do across the Causeway) is corrupt!  I've heard of stories of Singaporean motorists being stopped for speeding on the N-S highway and the authorities accepting monetray bribes to avoid traffic fines.  Sure, they are those guilty speed demons who deserve to be ticked off.  It was not until my first encounter with one that I truly realise how corrupt some of them are!

I was not behind the wheels.  My friend and I had approached a toll booth at near midnight.  After just a few metres past the booth, we were signalled over by a traffic warden to pull over.  An officer told us in a nervous voice that the speed limit is 120km/hr and that we were travelling at 124 km/hr - these were the exact figures mentioned by him!  Anyone who has driven on the highway knows that the speed limit on the highway is 110km/hr!!!  And how on earth are they able to detect a car travelling at 124km/hr when there was no speed camera nor any polis car at all before the booth??!! 

Immediately, he offered for us to settle now and then "no more talk okay?"  

The bumi putra policy is obviously NOT helping these 2 officers whom I understand are not very well paid.  But they are KEEPERS of the LAW!!   Their facts were dubious and intent corrupt right from the beginning.  

So did my friend pay up?  He's a regular in and out of Malaysia.  Like many had told me before, just pay up and avoid the troublesome fine.  

I had reported a corrupt establishment in Singapore before I left for the drive trip yesterday.  Who do we report corrupt polis in Malaysia to after having heard and now personally experienced one, to?? 

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