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Saint 2.0

Friday, October 31, 2008
Heroes Season 3 Screening Party | 11:50 PM

I made a difficult decision.

I chose not to watch it online before its official release in Singapore.  How my nose did not bleed, my face did not turn blue in exasperation or that I did not suffer sleepless nights knowing fully well that the season has begun its run in the States and thus is available for view online, baffles me.  I guess the endless errands around the new pad and work kept me really distracted.   

The way I see it, I guess this invite to the Heroes 3 Launch Party was kind of a reward for my patience. 

Anyway, the event was held at Golden Village, Vivocity. 
Each patron was given a goodie bag containing some real cool stuff (you'll find out what's in them in awhile). 

The party area consists of 2 sections.  At the left section, there are displays touting "Heroes" facts in fonts so tiny that you have to get up close and personal to them in order to decipher the text.   Fortunately, you have helpful dolled up Claire lookalike "cheerleaders" who do not hesitate to come up to you to talk you through the event.  The other half is where the food is located.  I was too hungry to wait for the party to begin so I took my diner at the food court instead.   Just before the screening began, there was so much food leftover, save for the finger food, I gather that everyone had their fill on their own before they arrived. 

Throughout the party, there is the very lovely emcee, Vivien something from VH1 or some cable channel hosting the Mimic Hiro's "Yataaa!" contest.  Although the crowd was lukewarm in showing their support to the brave participants, she was bubbly and enthusiastic throughout.  Her comments were totally positive even at most ludricrous comments. I thought she was really professional in what she was doing.  At one point, she had to hoist up the top of her dress in full view of the public - which I thought was more hilarious than slightly embarrassing.   But I like her.  

In addition, this weekend, being the Halloween celebrations, a second contest was also held to select the Scariest Villain.  There are makeup artists where guests (whether they are participating in the contest) can approach for a temporary tattoo or a villain makeover.  The crowd support dwindled from lukewarm to almost pathetic.  Despite it all, Vivien was on her toes and high heels all the way.  By the way, the participants all get a limited edition of the Heroes comic while the overall winners get an iPod each.  I would have participated in both contests if I was not feeling so tired and I was with some crazy company.   

The movie screening was an all out StarWorld publicity event.  A galore of advertisements, sprinkled with statistics that reek with self accolades, bombarded the patrons before Heroes 3 came on.  Well, watching 2 episodes of season 3 on the huge screen more than made up for what we were subjected to prior the screening.  

I was not totally blown away by the plot.  I guess the wait and the overhyped publicity had raised the bar of expectation so high that I wanted more.  Nonetheless, I like where Tim Kring is going with the characters of Heroes.  This season appears to be a lot darker than the previous two, promising more action, twists and suspense.  Would I continue to follow the series on telly?  Totally! 
I took the train back to my new pad, having no excuse to drive as I live just a three minutes' walk to the MRT station.  No, Hiro did not appear in the cabin to relay some bleak doomsday message regarding the future.  The is my third ride on the MRT after a very long time and to be honest, I rather like the freedom of not having to endure reckless drivers, red lights and heavy traffic.  I am also doing my part by cutting down my carbon footprint!   

I think I'll do the reveal of the contents in the Heroes goodie bag another time.  :)



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