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Saint 2.0

Thursday, July 24, 2008
Bangkok #2 | 12:49 PM

where we left off the last time...

The trick to surviving a day at Chatuchat is to keep yourself hydrated regularly. The first time I was there on my month-long backpacking trip of Thailand, I was so caught up with the sights and buys that I did not take in much fluids. As a result, by noon, I had such a severe headache that I had to leave the flea market to seek cooler pastures elsewhere.

The teh tarek, albeit being a nice cool shopping companion, is rather sweet. Notice the complementing straws and uniforms worn by the stall vendor with the tea colour?

An innovative and vibrant orange sqeeze machine.

I was pleasantly surprised to see many such recylcing points at the Chatuchat Market.

We came across a few groups of students rallying to raise funds for some causes along the main walkway. They should make our local students do the same once in awhile instead of depending on annual free handouts from the government and the school.

I saw this colourful character twice and I just had to ask to take his picture. It beats me where he had come from previously but it does takes loads of courage to be seen in that wig and makeup in the busy streets of Chatuchat.

The next few pictures feature student buskers. Singapore should consider allowing the young busk for free in the town area.

I should try this trick sometime...

These are representatives from a local telco company advertising some free internet mobile services.

One of my guilty pleasures on every trip to Thailand - tees and shirts which are so much cheaper than those back home and some of their quality is just as good as those sold in the boutiques.

The "feng shui" themed painting which caught my friend's attention.

I almost ended up purchasing this for the new living room.

Next : A beautiful meltdown. Stay tuned.



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