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Give Me One Reason
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Saint 2.0

Monday, June 2, 2008
source | 8:50 PM

It started out as a hunt to for another pair of Source sandals to replace that which was stolen a few days back!

Venue : Beach Road Hawker Centre area. Upper floor selling army gear, backpacks, street fashion wear. Lower floors - food galore.

A distant relative actually runs this beef noodles store. Do I get extra ingredients or free food?...no.
Nevertheless I must have my fill almost everytime I am at BRHC.

I have not seen a sewing machine like this for a long time now.

Because most of the shops on the upper floor are closed, including the one I frequent, it leaves me with tons of time on my parking coupon. So I decided to walk around the neighbourhood.

The retro-looking tiles that is distinctively Beach Road!
Thai workers frequent this place often and this chap had passed out on the floor.

The litter and urine problem must be so serious - you see these signs up everywhere.

Red hot Singtel couple.

The missing half. Some kid's is probably searching for this.

Pastries I used to like.

The Del Monte bananas costs $1.80/kg. Is that reasonable?

It's nice to see people, especially old folks, gather in groups to chat as the evening settles.

I don't have a good feeling about Chinese Medicine Halls which carry strange-looking animal parts - none I hope are illegal?

I read somewhere that they bleach bird nests (lower shelf) to lighten their appearance. Imagine sipping tonic bleach soup!

Ah Mahs in pajamas runs a quick errand from her apartment upstairs.
Pipes & meters exposed!


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