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Saint 2.0

Sunday, June 8, 2008
my affair with the misses | 11:36 PM

It was a day of many flings with my misses.

I had parked my vehicle at the carpark of Singapore Power. We were on our way to the venue of the inaugural Singapore Drum Festival 2008 to do a sound check. A few booboos happened.

1) I made a turn too early and missed Singapore Power building and had to make another round to hit the right junction.

2) Ethan left his drum kit in the vehicle and we had to walk back to fetch it.

3) We had walked to the section of the Youth Park where the ramps were only to be told by the little boy that the venue was at the other place opposite Orchard Cineleisure.

After realising that we were doing double shifts three times in the booboo department, I decided that we take a photo on our walk to the actual performance venue.

Nigel helping Ethan with the sound check.

This is only a rehearsal....

...yet many passers-by stood riveted on the spot by this 9-year-old drum prodigy. By the way, he even has his own website.

It's a good thing I took a picture of Ethan with the Drum Fest banner or else his mother, my dear friend, will yell at me - in a friendly manner of course. The reason being that my handphone camera battery went flat after just a few shots of the actual gathering (below)! To make matters worse, my handy digicam battery was also flat!

We went to KFC at Cineleisure for dinner. Thereafter, we dropped by this shop that carries Mac products. Little did i realise I was flirting with disaster. For those who know me well, I am one who has sworn never to buy Mac products because they are overpriced due to Apple's amazing branding efforts. After my fling with the Macbook Pro, it seemed that I might just be changing my mind. We'll wait til next week's PC Fair to determine the strength of my willpower!

This chap was using the DJ console with some Macbook sound mixer software! Impressive! Most impressive! I will not cave in to temptation!!!! Breathe in/out.

In the drum circle, everyone sat in concentric circles with a percussion or drum in hand. Led by this very charismatic Caucasian lady, the crowd beat and shake to numerous rhythms in synchronicity. The experience felt tribal; the rhythms resonated deep and sensual, almost rousing a primal instinct within me that trembled with the sands of time. It was just beyond words.

Throngs of crowded joined in and the members of the Strikeforce quickly ushered them to a seat and with a percussion or drum to join in the ancient ritual.

The final picture of the eye of the Drum Circle before my handphone battery died. It was as if I had interrupted some sacred ancient ritual and my punishment was to be inflicted with drained batteries.

Some members of the cool Strikeforce team. I actually know one of them - Chao Jie!

All in all, it was an unforgetable evening. Ethan's performance was a blast as his item was a crowd pleaser. Although I have watched Strikeforce perform numerous times, this was the first up-close-and-personal experience and I must say they are getting better like sizzling fine wine! Way to go guys!

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