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Saint 2.0

Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Goodbye Manny | 2:33 AM

Saint2 : I may sound impulsive when I say this but I truly saw this coming when I had learnt where Manny was operating in the news which first reported this novel tool against piracy. S/he's only ONE YEAR OLD! What mystery is there behind her death except perhaps corruption leading to her poisoning?! Sigh. In the war against man's greed, an innocent and faithful specie has to perish.

I miss my dog.

June 9, 2008
Mystery death of anti-pirate sniffer dog

WAR ON PIRACY: Manny was a new addition to the world's first canine anti-piracy unit, set up in Malaysia.

KUALA LUMPUR - A DOG trained to sniff out pirated discs, from a Malaysian unit which criminals have made threats against, has been found dead, according to a report yesterday.

The New Straits Times said that Manny, a one-year-old golden Labrador which arrived in Malaysia in February, died about a week ago in the undisclosed location where it was kept.

The authorities were trying to determine the cause of death.

'We have sent Manny's body to University Putra Malaysia for a post-mortem,' said Mr Roslan Mahayuddin, the enforcement director of the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry.

'He had not started work yet so I doubt that there was anyone who wanted to harm him,' he said, according to the newspaper.

Manny and another dog Paddy were the latest additions to the world's first anti-piracy canine unit. The first dogs in the unit, another pair of Labradors named Lucky and Flo, made headlines last year after uncovering huge stashes of pirated CDs, doing serious damage to the lucrative illegal industry.

During a five-month stint when the animals sniffed out US$1.6 million (S$2.2 million) worth of CDs, leading counterfeiters placed bounties on their heads.


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