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Saint 2.0

Friday, June 13, 2008
ego trippin' | 3:04 AM

At 3.06am, I should be asleep but I woke up instead for reasons I do not know why. And this will start 2-3 consecutive days of waking up at around this time until some strange chemical in my brain wears off - well, that's the way I see it.

Lately, this blog has evolved into a sort of a semi-personal one from the previous work related rants. Nevertheless, I must declare that this is NOT a personal blog so don't expect to read complete details about my life and especially my deepest thoughts. Haha. Ramblings at 3++am. Forgive me of course.

I sort of googled "Stanley Ho". Hey, a man is entitled to go on an ego trip sometime right? Here's some results...

1) Stanley Ho, The World's Richest People - Forbes.com
Stanley Ho ranked 84 among The World's Richest People In 2006.
The money keeps flowing for Stanley Ho, whose gaming operations include casinos, greyhound racing, lotteries and horse betting in Macau.

Well, if this was truly me, I will not be here at this hour but in my Ferrari cruising to some hot spot in Macau for supper perhaps? I hear he's got many wives too. Call up wife #3 for supper? Hmmm...

Stanley Ho's Blog: Versioning in the Java Module System (Part 1)
29 May 2008 ... Hi Stanley. Sorry to be perfectly blunt, but I think you're suffering from a severe case of Hubris. Versioning, as has been clearly ...

A programming nerd! That's not meant to be an insult though because I do recall the wise words of Bill Gates - about you working for a computer nerd one day like himself. If I had pursued my triple Science and double Maths beyond O levels back then, I might have ended up in Silicon Valley you know! Then I will be truly having chips for supper! :P That's hubris for you!

I found more information on Java Ho:

Stanley Ho is the architect for the Java Deployment team in Java SE at Sun Microsystems, Inc. He has been involved with Java since JDK 1.1 when he joined the JavaBeans team. He was the technical lead or the main contributor in many projects, including Java Web Start, Java Update, JDK/JRE Install-On-Demand, Java Plug-in, etc. Most recently, he is the specification lead for JSR-277: Java Module System.

Wow! What a cool nerd!

Stanley Ho Alumni Challenge
Our alumnus Dr Stanley Ho has pledged HK$500 million to his alma mater to inspire fellow alumni and students to support the University.

I'll be darned if this is the same Macau Casino King! 90% of the search results are all about him! If I were as rich as him, I would pledge $XYZ to every charity in Singapore. Eh...given the dubious status of some local charities lately, I take back my words.

Supposedly Dr. Ho is someone else, I will buy a plot of land and let animals roam free and where kids can play and tumble in the mud - rough it out the way we used to and not on rubberised and plastic-ised playgrounds!!! - remnants of a conversation over lunch with ex-colleagues (see prevoius post). Wherever happened to `childhood'? Sigh. I will also set up a school where kids are guided to learn based on their natural inclinations and talents through sports, hands-on games and projects and where they only sit for exams once a year at any time they feel ready for it. Sounds like promise made by some politician at the next election huh? Wake up! This is Singapore.

Dr Stanley Ho endows Chinese lectureship - University of Oxford
Hong Kong entrepreneur Dr Stanley Ho is endowing a new University Lectureship in Chinese History...China is of growing economic and cultural significance. Dr Ho’s generous gift will enable Oxford to continue to offer the highest quality Chinese Studies teaching and researchVice-Chancellor John Hood.

This must be the same guy. Wait a minute, does the label "HK entrepreneur" and "tycoon" used interchangeably and therefore refer to the Stanley Ho in Macau??? Maybe some of you reading this (if you haven't fallen asleep by now while doing so!) might care to enlighten us all by commenting on this?

4) Access Restricted
This Site is Blocked! In light of the new U.S. legislation regarding Internet gaming, no U.S. players will be permitted to play.

I've removed the internet link because I'm not one for gambling (yeah, like that will stop you guys from doing the search yourself). Access denied??? Controversy! Yeah, I like that. Kidding!

5) Simon World :: Stanley Ho and 36 Girls
An article in today's SCMP relates the story of how Stanley Ho as a 20-year old sheltered from the Japanese invasion in December 1941 in his great-uncle Ho Kom-Tong's residence. Apparently he and a young man from Indonesia sheltered there in the basement - with 36 girls.

Said Ho:
Every time we heard the sounds of bombing, the girls would all scream and flock towards the two of us and hold us very tightly. We never took advantage of them, though. It disappoints me whenever I think about it again - none of the girls were pretty.

Stanley Ho of course did alright on the ladies' front, being, amongst many other things, an accomplished dancer, and had four wives. His uncle Ho Kom-Tong, though, outdid him - he had 12 wives, and more than 30 children, most of whom lived with him in the 9,000 square foot house on Caine Road he had built for himself in 1914.

This is intriguing. A wartime escapade. The same Macau tycoon, I hear, is in his 80s and he has 4 wives!! Moreover, his uncle outdid him with 12 wives?!!!! Wow! The latter will have no problem finding company for supper at 3++am for sure!!!

Okay. The search results went on and on about Mr. casino and family squabbles and more scandals. Man, he is...the man!

Well, they say you should not believe everything you read on the internet. For all you know, I made all of this up!

Good morning!!!!


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