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Saint 2.0

Friday, May 30, 2008
National Museum | 11:37 PM

I learnt that the museums in Singapore are free after 6pm on Fridays!!! Having been so caught up with work and all, I realise what I have missing. Thus I am using this holidays to do major catchups and revisit some cultural places and nooks and corners around the island.

A towering statue of David greets you at the entrance.

You feel completely dwarfed by its full glory and simultaneously amused by the pinkish batik pattern that covers its entire body. The amusement of the latter arises from the thought that David's suffering from some seriously eczema.

My friend and I had come to visit this installation by Matthew Gui, a famous local artist. Okay, I sound like I know a lot about the local art scene. The truth is, I only learnt about him today from her! Well, it seemed that that exhibit closes at 6pm, the time when the museum opens its door for free. How ironic! The same goes for other "pay-for-view" exhibits. While we felt rather annoyed and cheated by the fine print which we only encounter on a postcard at the visitor's counter, I told her that it is just so Singapore that nothing is truly free.

So together we checked out the other exhibits while waiting for her husband to arrive.

I quite like what the creator of this installation says about the nature of human communication - we dorn various masks because we all fear being truly vulnerable.

Cruel intentions?

See the row of red chandeliers in the background hanging on the ceiling? Well, they are supposed to sway, tilt and perform various movement in sync. Fortuntely for us, we have arrived at a time when the organisers deemed that it should be given a break and the action will not begin til 7pm by which we would be away at a talk by Mr Gui. Call it bad timing...

Go past the foyer on the ground level to this junction where the escaltors that bring you to the upper floors are and you will meet this gigantic screen. Something somewhere captures videos of visitors and plays them on the screen in gritty resolution which I kind of like. Yes, that is me on it.

This is taken at some Film & Wayang section.
I just like the surreal atmosphere created by these bulbs hung sporadically, and intentionally no doubt.

Leaving the stage...

It has been a long time since I have attended any stimulating talk on any topic since I had left university. Now I truly understand why my friends and many others further their studies by doing their Masters. I felt alive by the ideas presented and the witty banter by the panel of guests. If I save enough, I might just consider doing a course on the fine arts. Talk is cheap see.

Big feet. Too bad the security guard at stepped away from the stairs behind when I took this snap shot. I wanted to give you readers an idea of how terribly and humongously inflicted David is.


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