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Saint 2.0

Friday, May 30, 2008
Graduation Exhibition | 11:24 PM

A colleague informed me that a Graduation Exhibition by the final year students at Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts (NAFA) was on and that she was bringing her students there. I decided to go along. It is on til Saturday, 10am to 7pm.

My self-portrait snapshot in the lift.

The rest are the works that got my attention.

These individual pieces are carved from and painted on wooden canvases.

Her alluring eyes, with the rest of her facial features, sort of call out to the passerby.

A piece by an ex-teacher who is a friend of my colleague on the theme "Mundane". When I heard her mention the theme, I couldn't help but burst out laughing. Do you get the joke after studying the subject matter of the painting?

I thought my juxtaposition of the art work featuring faceless outlines of figurines against the live human specimens was commendable...

On a sidenote, when the students saw me at the exhibition, most of them gave me this incredulous look, as if saying, "What on earth are you doing here? What do you know about Art appreciation???" I believe one of my students who takes Art actually said that once to me. Although I may be a formerly a triple Science and double Mathematics student, I switched over to the Arts faculty partially in JC and then completely in the university. It is a long story of course. After I had decided to abandon my dream to become a doctor (thus the gradual switch to the Arts faculty) and on one of my exploration trips around Singapore, an installation outside one of the banks at Boat Quay sparked my passion for the Art appreciation.

This silk screen piece was lit by neon light. It would definitely make a nice display piece for the house.

Click on it to read the message on the left page. "S" is for you know...

This piece would do better with more subtlety and better finishing touches.

Another installation on the dematerialisation and thus futility of modern excesses (too 'chim'/ dense?) which truly took my breath away.

The visuals are lit by projectors and yes, the artist told me they took months to render.

I know where the subject matter, the shophouse, is located!!! In fact, I have a picture of it somewhere on this blog!

The shadows imposed by this paper-cut piece are attractive. Regular readers to this blog should realise my facination with light and shadows.
A massive installation using blood/drip vials filled with water.


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