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Saint 2.0

Tuesday, December 4, 2007
3+1+((stereo)) | 4:58 PM

3 jabs.
Two on 1 arm and the remaining on the other.

1 oral - 2 drops.

Here comes the crunchy part.
The following text is rated R(D) - R(Disgusting). You have been warned.

I woke up with a splitting ear-ache today. The left throat was sore and thoughts of doom and gloom (which kind of goes well with the weather we have lately) flooded my mind - am I falling sick finally? I have not been sick since I had quit as a teacher in end July 2006. Incredible, isn't it?

Well, the soreness happened to coincide with my left ear which had been blocked since last Tuesday after a swim. I decided to let nature run its course, recalling what I had learnt in O levels Biology - our body has a natural system of excreting ear wax.

Days passed and finally when my left ear began to hurt, I realised that nature sometimes do go haywire. Some kind friends told me that they know someone who had had insects like spiders/flies crawl into the black hole and decided to make themselves a home there. Or simply, they perish there because they got stuck. Thanks guys!

So I packed my sorry self to the benevolent presence of Dr. Cheong, who examined me and diagnosed the problem as simply stuck ear wax. It was sweet relief to hear that. I was given a bottle of liquid (which turned out to be the wonder olive oil) to drop into the blocked ear for the next 3 nights. Then I was to report dutifully to her clinic to have my ears flushed.

That fateful day came earlier because of the ear ache. Dr. Cheong, holding a pair of pincers next to my sore ear, joked that she would be delivering ear wax. I honestly appreciated that enlightenment.

It was a job well done. I did not experience pain or giddiness as forewarned by her. Perhaps the ear ache was so severe that any other irritations were negligible.

Thus I present to you the culprits that robbed me of my aural pleasure for the past one week or more...

The first big mac-piece came out without much fuss. When I whipped out my handphone to take a picture, Dr. Cheong actually said she will get her staff to put it in a clear container so I could keep it as a souvenir - I really like her sense of humour!

The former broke off leaving behind its stubborn evil twin which took awhile to flush out. Use my fingers to estimate how awesome their sizes are.

Are you hungry yet?

In case you are rejoicing over the possibility that I am dying of some strange disease (thus the jabs), I am sorry to disappoint you. I have a good 40 odd years ahead of me and I will be enjoying it like I have always been. To start off 2008, I will be away on a 3 country trip in January (yes, while most of you begin school). The jabs are heralding the beginning of my fun in the brand new year. :)


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