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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
student leaders | 5:40 PM

Oct 18, 2007
Select student leaders for their leadership skills
SHOULD students who excel academically, who are well-behaved and perform their assigned tasks quietly be given great responsibilities as school leaders and be selected to participate in activities which hopefully tap on their brilliance?

As a parent who is an active volunteer in school, I have observed that teachers select prefects, class monitors, debaters and orators based on such criteria.

Such a selection process may be flawed. Leadership is a quality inherent in a person. Though it may be true that students who do well in their studies can multi-task and afford more time away from their books, some may not have the character and/or personality to lead.

Giving them leading roles would disadvantage students who are natural leaders but average students.

Students who are well-behaved and perform assigned tasks as instructed by teachers may be more suitable as team members.

Students should be selected to fit the roles, and not have roles created to cater to them. Leaders are those who can differentiate between right and wrong and are willing to right a wrong. How many student leaders have a keen sense of justice?

How many debaters and orators are selected because they participate actively in discussions and have the courage to speak up in public?

Sadly, most are still selected based on academic performance. Only a handful of students are bright, possess leadership qualities and fit the roles.

Agnes Tan Suan Ping (Mdm)
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