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Saturday, October 27, 2007
experience! | 10:08 AM

Experience a First Person Shooter Game Physically
Mon 22 Oct 2007

Imagine this: You find yourself in the line of fire, and someone aims a rocket launcher at you. What happens next, is a world of pain when the rocket lands and you feel the shock of the impact. That's what you'll get with TN Game's 3rd Space Vest that allows gamers to feel the impact of a punch or a bullet shot with alternating air pressures within the vest. Think of the impact this will have on competitive gamers during their training sessions.

gizmodo.com - TN Game's 3rd Space Vest, designed by physician Mark Ombrellaro, is based on a earlier medical instrument that permitted doctors to carry out distance based investigations. As if there could be an even better use, Dr. Ombrellaro has modified the vest so gamers will be able to feel gaming impacts, such as punches and shots, by means of alternating air pressures that will simulate the sensations.

The gaming peripheral will consist of eight zones, all of which will be able to direct appropriate force to accurately simulate a plethora of sensations, including bullet fire, explosions, punches and even finger taps. The device will be released in November, retailing at $189 and will come bundled with two games, 3rd Space Incursion and a special edition of Call of Duty II. The TN Game online shop is currently taking pre-orders at $169.99 saving 20 bills on the final price post release. Patches will be made available for Quake3/4 and Doom 3 compatibility and an SDK kit will be released for developers.

Future revisions are already being planned. The next release will hope to replicate G-forces to add that little extra to speed orientated gaming. We may have fluked a win against Kotaku, but we are not so sure we are up to risking bruising to our sculpted blogging physiques for the sake of a realistic gaming experience.

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