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Give Me One Reason
Tracy Chapman & Eric Clapton

Saint 2.0

Saturday, January 3, 2009
saint 3.0 | 3:41 PM

Started a new blog.
saint 3.0

or saint3zero.blogspot.com

Friday, January 2, 2009
the day the earth stood still | 5:13 PM

I just had to borrow the title of the film to make my point.  Anyway, if you have not seen the movie, you did not miss any earth shattering event. 

After a very long time, I managed to empty my red bean bag with the help of a student and send the shell for a nice tumble in the washer.   See how bloody the contents became.   My world stood still when I realise that I had a lot of whites and my favourite bermudas within.
And of course, with the same help, I sought to refill my green bean bag when VOOLA!  the little sytrofoam balls came spilling out by the hundreds from an accidental slip.  I did not have a dust pan anywhere so imagine how my world froze at the horrendous task of sweeping tiny bits up using an improvised dust pan and by hand?

That all happened on New Year's Eve when you decide, YES WE CAN!  I can do some cleaning up before the new year.  


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Thursday, January 1, 2009
child's play | 11:22 PM

I'd spent my Christmas with my childhood friends who go a long long way back.

After a sumptuous potluck dinner, we proceeded to the roof top open space for dessert.

Some of the kids getting ready to pop their crackers bearing little gifts within.

I have my own too!  No, I didn't steal from any kid.

This is how you pull the cracker apart...

Then it was sparklers time!  Oh boy, that sure brought back some fun memories of my own childhood!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008
light at the end of the tunnel | 8:01 PM

3SA, Manila Trip (3-9 Nov)
St. Andrew's Secondary

As the year draws to a close, are you feeling blue 
because of the bleak circumstances around you?

Do you feel caged up in your hopeless situation?  

Are your days filled with long shadows that never seem to go away?

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Allow me to ask you this :  
Have you met a person who is born with no sight?

Given a massage by a blind person who makes the best of life 
with the other senses he still possesses? 

Heard the most joyest and soulful heart-song crooned by one who cannot see?
Shake hands with children who live in slums with the barest minimum?
Smile at a dog sleeping blissfully despite its dire surroundings?

So what if you may be living with a crippling disease?

You are not yet a dead fossil.

So go ahead, play hard.

If you have a job, work at it passionately.

Take a break to do a song 

and dance once in a while. 
(It's best with the company of great friends!)

Eat well.

But don't forget to exercise to burn those excesses.

Share a burden.

Share your time and resources with those in need.

Live life to the fullest.

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Spiralling | 10:20 AM



Tuesday, December 30, 2008
but there is no mistake!!! | 4:53 PM

He insisted that he had not made any mistakes on draft 4.  Yes, we are talking about draft 4 of a piece of composition.  The truth is, carelessness ruled the day often for this poor kid who was bargaining for sweets in return for his work.  But I stood firm - no sweets until his work was completed properly.  Yes, if you ask me, I was truly enjoying that session.  Haha!  Okay, he did get his Fruit Plus Blackcurrent flavoured sweet at the end of the day.  I gave him 2 instead of the 1 we agreed on.  I am not evil, right. 

That's my new tea/coffee maker on the right with plunger from Starbucks, KL.  I managed to sweet talk this salesgirl behind the counter for a 10% discount off the item and my favourite Chai tea.  :)



Carry You Home | 6:54 AM

James Blunt


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