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Saint 2.0

Friday, August 22, 2008
high drama | 6:31 PM

My Bangkok Adventure (part 5)

The "cute" factor of tiger cubs was a sheer crowd pleaser. Many people would queue to have their picture taken with one cub while holding a milk bottle to let it suckle. It comes at a price of course.

300 Baht works out to be around S$12. One thing to note is that the cubs are kept in a cage like this for almost the entire duration I was at the zoo (10am+ to 4pm).

Who could resist a dolphin show? I managed to snap a shot of these 3 leaping out of the water with my Samsung Omnia!

A restless albino tiger paced back and forth at the edge of the pond. It was so near the fence that you can easily reach in and touch its coat. Well, there was no takers for this risky venture of course.

As we near the crocodile exhibit, I chanced upon this crocodile "prison break" which looked so realistic.

Here's the high drama I've teased you people sometime back in the earlier entries. After stretching the updates for so long, I'm sure the suspense has long gone 6 feet under. :P

Anyway, a man tried to jump into the crocodile den while I was there. Being the nosy sharp shooter, I was able to whip out my Omnia to capture the action.

Everyone nearby screamed for him not to let go. The bugger, local or foreigner, has probably gone bonkers and decided to volunteer himself as croc feed.

Less than a metre away, these 2 women simply sat and watched the drama roll by with a total callous facade

Wait a minute! They are....

What do you think is the outcome of the man's suicide attempt? Leave comments by using the comments link to this entry (BELOW!!).



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