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Saint 2.0

Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Bangkok #5 | 9:23 AM

I know, I know. I had left the Bangkok Trip updates hanging and incomplete.

Where were we?

Yes, the macaw hanging tough - or should it be the visitor's descendents hanging in the balance?

Well, that is the man in pink who got caught in the middle.

I came across that hilarious sight after our tour guide gave us each the ticket on which the various show timings are printed and

...after we stepped through the entrance,

...only to be greeted by overhanging lush greenery and flowers. They are fake by the way.

Upon arrival at the site of the first show, you encounter these zealous zoo staff everywhere hawking souveniors and cold refreshments to beat the incredible humidity.

Did I mentioned in a previous entry that the zoo was jam-packed with visitors? Check out the myraid colours of school uniforms. My friend kept grumbling about the absurdity of schools organising such trips on a Sunday...haha.

This was a show on giant seals.

Sighting of the Malasian Tapir lazing in the heat.

This tiny kangeroo (or some member of the masupial family) was so close when I whipped out the camera to take it but of course, the overly enthusiastic crowd drove it further back.

On the way to the next show, we had to cut through this aviary which houses some truly spunky parrots.

The experience within the aviary was incredibly surreal. Imagine hundreds (perhaps even near a thousand) brightly coloured parrots everywhere and many fly past just within a hair's breath.

You can just reach out and touch them. With a little temptation (of seeds which you can purchase), they gladly flock to your outstretched hand to feed.

The rows of birdhouses where they sleep are numbered.

What on earth is a Western Cowboy Stunt Show doing in a zoo??

Apart from the commendable stunts and the use of pyrotechnics to simulate explosions and all, the entire narration and dialogue is in Thai.

Well, a picture with the cast is a touristy thing I also succumbed to. My friend whom I had known for numerous years and had caught up with recently just before this trip, well - let's just say that life has been really good to him.

My favourite game stall at a carnival we passed on the way to our lunch venue. Needless to say, we all stood and waited to watch the chio bu get dunked. Wouldn't you do the same?

It's more photograph time with the animal mascots. Okay, I'm way past that.

Next update :
Wait til you see what this lady can do and yes, I still owe you all the high drama I had encountered at the zoo. Stay tuned!

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