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Saint 2.0

Sunday, July 13, 2008
Pulau Ubin2 | 2:01 AM

This is PART 2 of my journey back in time to a place very special to me.

Pulau Ubin
My pictorial sorjourn began in the late 1990s when I was allowed to use my dad's camera for field trips. The following pictures were actually taken as part of a project for this photography elective during my university days.

The island in 1999 is a picturesque quiet.

Apart from the tranquil scenery, I like to check out the people who work there and visitors who take time out from the bustling city life to step into what is the only true piece of nature left in Singapore.

An officer takes a breather at the Visitor Center. I wonder if he does get bored sometimes.

Needless to say, the island is very popular with fishermen. Whether be it along the main jetty...

or nestled in a corner at one of the pockets of Mangrove swamps, you will encounter an angler or two mulling over their catch.

On this particular trip, the weather took an unexpected turn. Fortunately, my friends and I were near the main jetty. So we quickly made our way to the Visitors Center to seek relief from the elements.

Bikers waiting out the storm at a make-shift shelter opposite where we were.

This man has a membrane-thin poncho over himself. If you do not wish to carry its bulkier cousin, the rain jacket, around, this is the essential and very affordable protection against sudden tropical storms in this part of the world.

Where I was, a visitor stares out into the sea as the raging storm blurs the horizon and strikes mercilessly at a lone boat.

Others, like many of us, prefer to sleep through the storms of life.

Admist the din of the winds and rain, all else remained silent. A boy's spritely enthusiasm, manifested in giggles and chuckles, rose above the solemn mood that hung over the area, exuding an air of innocence that reflect the island's appealing simplicity.

Soon after the storm had subsided...

the squeals of this child drew me to her play at the beach.

After the rains, a greater storm of change emerges to threaten the existence of the island...




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