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Saint 2.0

Saturday, July 5, 2008
inspire | 11:01 PM

I like my new schedule because I get Monday and Friday mornings off. :)

There were 2 sales I had in mind to check out yesterday - Ikea (to indulge in my ongoing passion to Conquer and Decorate the new pad) and Gramophone (my eternal insatiable quest for more CDs and DVDs).

The fact is, I got the timing for the Ikea Members Preview Sale wrong, so I ended up at the humongous outlet in the far east with the whole world just past its usual opening hour. My mission was simple : walk in and check out the work tables and zip down to the Gramophone Sale. But I got a little distracted.

The orange couch is one funky piece. Nice wallpaper too. I was actually just looking at the remote control flap that goes over one of the side arms of the couch. Talk about distractions.

I want this wall colour for my new pad. The couch is calling out to me as well. Hmmm....

This TV console will work for the living room. There should be enough space for the LG DVD recorder, the Sony home theatre system, the Starhub cable unit, the Linksys wireless router, the Xbox, the XBox 360, the Playstation and possibly the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. Haha.

This could go into my room. I need space for almost a similar number of consoles. WHAT? Do I really own 2 sets of each gaming console???

YEAH!!! Finally! A solution for my quadriple towers of floor to near ceiling CDs and DVDs! If you think I'm including the tampered glass with the floral design reeking of gaiety - you are SOOOOoooooo WRONG!

This work table is insufficient for groupies...

...so, I'm SERIOUSLY considering getting this kitchen table for work purposes in my room. It can double up as a dining table for those big gatherings too.
The colourful wine bottles and the holder would make a nice wall feature, don't you agree?
Do you know that retiling and retrofitting the entire toilet can run up for $4-5k???

A shoe cabinet for everyone in the house, especially the women. Need I say more?

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