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Saint 2.0

Thursday, July 3, 2008
dirty politics | 6:10 PM

This is something I still cannot get over. No, I am not referring to an old flame or a female I have strong feelings for - that is a story you will never hear on this blog as this, I remind you, is NOT really a personal blog. Haha.

I am referring to the politics adults play at work. Yes, work is play. I hate it when people play dirty just to `get the job done'. Let me explain with some illustrations.

1) The Lawyer
Lately, I have been very caught up with the completion of my new flat and also meeting the designers to finalize its layout. Albeit exciting, it takes such a toll on you that you just cannot focus fully on work or on this blog as I did before.

Anyway, you pay a significant amount of money to the lawyer to handle the completion of the flat. To my younger readers, I am referring to the tons of paperwork that goes with the purchase of a new home. I was just appalled to learn that when the keys are handed over to me, the new owner, they are not tagged. Neither is there a checklist to say which keys should be handed over.

Where am I coming from with this? In any job you do, when you handover your duties or belongings to the next person taking over you, you prepare a checklist to inform him/her of the tasks/items he will be taking over. This is required of in all the organisations I have been with. When I requested the lawyer for such a checklist, I was told that there is no such practice in the home resale market. I was truly baffled. I did expect to be told of the keys I should be receiving from the previous owner as I believe that to be the recipient's entitlement. When I asked if this service can be carried out, I was told this : Sorry, we do not have such a practice in the market.

By not providing a simple checklist to ensure a proper handing over of property (which run into hundreds of thousands of dollars mind you!), the situation is, in my opinion, ludicrous.

Then let this be a suggestion to improve your service - was my reply.

Again I was told : Sorry, we do not have such a practice in the market.

When I ask if this service can be carried out, I was told this : Do you expect me to go down to the apartment to try out all the keys and label them?

WRONG ANSWER. Since you declare yourself to be in such a high and mighty position, that is, that of a lawyer, the company can hire a staff member to do that. It is that simple. What happened to customer service? Especially for something as basic as a checklist for the handing over of property?

2) The Teacher
The teacher who occasionally does not turn up for official lessons but attends to administrative duties instead.

The teacher who "wayangs" infront of bosses but the colleagues can see the bullshit through thick PSI levels.

The teacher who spends more time on administrative duties and projects than on remediation for students who are very weak in their studies or who need a listening ear for their troubles.

Not to sound cliche, but WHERE IS THE LOVE? Okay, I am getting too corny here.

Have we forgetten the basics of customer service and the true spirit of teaching in all the busyness? Sometimes, the individuals are not to be blamed entirely. The organisations that create these customer-unfriendly structures and/or collosal workloads that distract us from the true concerns of our calling are guilty too. At the end of the day, however, the individual can choose to behave in a way that is ethical and honest to his/her job or be another statistic in the ratrace of life and blame the system. Too many fall into the latter and that, unfortunately, is life.

Call me idealistic. That, is something I have yet to get over in life.

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