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Saint 2.0

Sunday, June 1, 2008
lunch w pals | 4:01 PM

After the light workout at Fitness first, I took a train down from Clarke Quay station to Harbour Front.

At times like this when the cabin is not packed like sardines, I truly enjoy using public transport.

My childhood friends taking pictures of cute factor emanating from little Deborah carrying baby but support by the former's dad. Intrigued by the commotion, I amused myself by snapping pictures of the excitement.

A demure Deborah showing me her Little Mermaid "tattoo".

Her elder brother, Davy, spots two too! Well, that's him doodling away on dad's HTC PDA phone.
"Uncle Heng! Take picture of my egg!" So I did.

Oh, we adjourned to this Toast Box joint, one of those rivals to Ya Kun for some koi and what else? - toast!

To some of us, such places thrive from selling coffee shop basics at black market prices to suckers who prefer to sip and munch in air-conditioned comfort.

This pork floss bread is rather tasty. Knowing how much harm it will inflict on my waistline leading to longer poundings on the threadmill, I stopped after taking 2 tasty chunks.

I used to love eating half boiled eggs doused in plenty of pepper and dark sauce. Now it is a matter of eat-now-suffer-later-so-better-not-eat affairs.

Boredom led to an egg shell smashing time for Deobrah and Davy.

The winner was....the one who was fleeing the scene after being rebuked by daddy. :)


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