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Saint 2.0

Tuesday, June 3, 2008
bread talk! | 9:56 AM

Saint2 : In the past, the poor in "Oliver Twist" and "Les Miserables" steal bread because they were driven by hunger and were unable to afford the basic necessity. Well, this incident, spawned from basic mischief, had led to a cat-and-mouse chase like a scene from an Indiana Jones movie. I cannot help but be amused and saddened at the same time.

June 03, 2008
Stealing bread lands HK teen in hospital
16-year-old falls 2 storeys while escaping from cops

DO or dare.

What started as an act of mischief ended on a bad note with a 16-year-old boy fighting for his life in a Hong Kong hospital.

The secondary school student had just attended a farewell dinner for his teachers on Friday when his friends dared one another to steal bread from a restaurant.

The boy had just grabbed a loaf when he was approached by cops on patrol.

He fell two storeys from a building after a short chase and is now in a critical condition, reported Apple Daily Hong Kong.

The boy, nicknamed Lok Zai, was then on examination leave.

After the farewell dinner, he and four other friends - two boys and two girls - headed down to a karaoke joint, where they remained till 4am on Friday.

On their way home, they saw two loaves of bread in a box outside a Japanese restaurant, which was closed at that time.

It is believed that the friends had challenged one another to see who dared to steal the bread.

Lok Zai allegedly grabbed one loaf of bread and shared a few slices with his 18-year-old friend.

But some plainclothes police officers were on patrol across the road.

Lok Zai's friends were detained by the police while he was rushed to hospital . Pictures: ORIENTAL DAILY

The officers approached the students as part of their routine check.

Feeling guilty, Lok Zai and his friend threw the bread to the ground and ran away in panic.

While his other three friends were detained by the police, Lok Zai and another boy ran towards the carpark on the second storey of the building where the restaurant was located.

The police caught up with Lok Zai's friend. When Lok Zai realised that he was cornered and had nowhere to run, he climbed over the balcony and tried to scale down the wall.

But he lost his footing and fell head first.

He was sent to the Elizabeth Hospital where he underwent two surgeries in four hours to remove blood clots in his brain and to stem the haemorrhage.

He is now in critical condition.

Lok Zai's parents and younger sister, who had rushed down to the hospital, were in shock. His father told reporters that Lok Zai is a hardworking boy, even though his grades were below average.

He added: 'He's usually quite well-behaved... I think he was just fooling around with his friends.

'I don't normally allow him to keep late nights but I had consented this time only because he said it was a farewell party for his teachers.'

The restaurant manager said he was shocked to learn of the incident.

He said: 'A loaf costs only HK$40 ($7)... I'd not pursued the matter. It's really sad that it had to end up like this.'


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