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Saint 2.0

Sunday, December 2, 2007
bear | 11:50 PM

Bear with the bear?

So a student in Sudan named his or her teddy bear "Mohammad" and the teacher got fleeced for allowing it to happen? As we wait for news of her outcome (or has that already been pronounced by the Sudanese religious authorities?), I happen to chance upon a student who had openly ridiculed the incident on the MSN nick and so I decided to pen my thoughts on that matter.

Fresh from the furor that rose from the incident where the prophet had been cast in comic form, this one is truly a reflection of how people (as we learn from repeated folly across history) never learn from others' mistake.

My take on the incident is that while everyone is entitled his or her opinion, the teacher, being an adult, however, had been a tad irresponsible. She's an expat I believe, working in Sudan. So she should had been more sensitive towards the local culture - as a teacher, she is expected to be so. If she had claimed ignorance like the dance instructor of the kids who performed at the National Library in town recently (read the form apology article from the Library folks?), then she totally deserved the infamy she is facing now. On that note, I cannot believe that the dance instructor, an adult, who should be familiar with the sexy Pussy Cat Dolls image, gave the defense that s/he was not aware that the group's "Buttons" track was oozing overt sexualty! And she had young kids prancing to it for a kids' event at the library, if I remember correctly.

Basically, as much as sometimes these incidents may be blown out of porportion by word of mouth or by the media, the adults involved really should take responsibility for their actions and not claim ignorance. Be it a teacher or dance instructor, they have that moral obligation to the charges under them. Otherwise, they might as well join the renegade faction or something.

Did I also mention that I came across the movies, "Kill Bill" and "300", being screened on display sets at certain booths at Sitex 2007? I actually told one of the promoters (very nicely of course) that they should consider taking down the former movie as it is rated RA by the local censors and therefore should not be consumed by the throng of people at the exhibition. I added that should a concerned parent bring the matter up to the authorities, the company involved would pray to have their heads chopped by the female protagonist in Kill Bill than the authorities. He was stunned of course but I doubt that feedback went up to the relevant owners.

Then I do realise, we do have people who are just downright irresponsible, especially so to those young ones under their charge. Some hide behind the guise of ignorance while others are sheer ignorant? Perhaps...:)

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