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Saint 2.0

Sunday, November 4, 2007
finally! | 7:06 AM

I was just trying my luck and hey presto! FINALLY I managed to get into the blogger site. Perhaps it is a Sunday or weekend-only policy they have here - on other days, we ban all blogs under our pseudo-democratic-but-still-really-communist regime.

Having been in Guangzhou for almost a week now, I must say my Mandarin has improved by about 10 steps. Many of you out there may share this sentiment with me : I used to think that China is backward, dirty, polluted - basically think of all derrogative adjectives and you have my perception of the land of the rising sun (eh, that would be Japan right?). I think you get my idea.

My first encounter with China was a brief one night fling/stopover at Chengdu in 2006 on my Tibet trip. Yes, albeit the rather rude locals (some only, thankfully) and their public display of oral fluids, I was totally bowled over by how modern the city was and how incredibly cheap and tasty the food was then. Guangzhou, at least where I am putting up (more about that later), is even more decent. Just like Chengdu, you see condominiums sprouting everywhere next to each other on every main and side streets. Their designs are cutting edge, if not comparable or more so than most we see in Singapore.

I am a changed man. I love China. The country has shot to the top of my Must-See List of Destinations.

I will post this in case the authorities decide to block blogger to spite me again. :) But before I go, here's the link to some pictures (feel free to drop your comments) I have put up on Facebook of some of the stuff I have been up to since I was here. Yes, I got a new haircut just last night at this great saloon for peanut prices. I am probably heading back there to dye my mane before I fly home. My friends' family here told me I look more chubby than before. A step onto the weighing machine yesterday saw me breaking another barrier which is bad news. So I will have to drag my sorry ass for morning daily jogs out in the cold windy streets during this autumn weather. The ladies here are quite a pretty sight too. Lol. Later.


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