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Saint 2.0

Friday, October 26, 2007
snore | 1:25 AM

The reason why I'm blogging at 1.32am in the morning is that I was awoken by Prince's snoring. Yes, the saussage fur-duster was probably wrecking his revenge on me after having spied on my blog on those evenings he sat surreptiously quiet beside me while I had my laptop tuned into Saint2.0 (thanks Brenna for your encouraging comments! See even Prince could not resist checking here for updates!). Anyway, I will send this entry to the live feed department first and update more in a short while.

That's the princely cow/bull carpet print lying at the edge of my bed on his final night sorjourn in my den. For my version of sweet revenge, I took a flashy picture aimed to wake the living dead from him but sigh, he slept like a log but snored as usual like a hog. I am going to miss this cocker spaniel for sure. Miss Seah kept telling me to adopt another dog. I will probably do so after I am back from my next big trip in January (stay tuned!).

On the note of furballs, this chap from 1N2 just had to introduce me to his little furry friends which he and another classmate had brought to school. I truly appreciate these gestures from students to share their precious precious with me. Before I allow his pet hamsters on my precious hand, I checked with him to see if they bite. Initially he said they would not (AARGH! That's Prince letting off another symphony of the "Stars Wars - Jedi Knights duel battle" theme beside me). When I had one of the tiny things on my palm, he added that sometimes a different human smell might agitate it to nib the strange terrain! I gladly returned it to him in a flash, taking care not to drop it from the great height.

This was taken on 24/10, the day the `Lower Secondary Swim Meet' was to take place. Long story - by that I meant the meet. The hamster was given its maiden swimming lesson probably in the 50m pool. Some power rodent eh? Someone call the SPCA and report its owner (eh, anyone who knows his name, do kindly leave a comment on this entry) to report hamster abuse! :)

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